In the beginning, there were 4 R’s…

Cloak of Elvenkind
Gloves of Swimming/Climbing
Current Party Magic Items:
Ion Stone (+1 AC)
Ring of Sustenance
Ring of Feather Fall (on loan to Dave) “Its mine precious is mine”
Effecient Quiver
Wand of Hideous Laughter (8 chgs)
Wand of Ray of Enfeeblement
Wand of Lightning
Wand of Light (28 chgs)
Wand of Summon Monster I (5 chgs)
Scroll of Shatter
Potion of Blur
Potion of Cat’s Grace
Potion of Cure Light (4)
Potion of Cure Mod (4)
Dust of Illusion
+2 Chain Shirt
Mithril Chain Shirt
+1 Leather Armor (might be dropping this in lieu of Mage Armor)
+2 Fey-Bane Bastard Sword
+1 Composite Longbow
+1 Longsword
+1 Falchion


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